The article below needs to me circulated to every Golf Course neighborhood homeowners association (HOA) in the country. Although, no two are alike, I contend that the four stakeholders – Homeowners; Golf Course Owners; Bankers: and the Municipality – need to join forces rather than clinching fists!

The writer, Roger, included useful links which support his document. I changed the name of the specific development and some other names at request of the writer.

Golf members at Valley Pines and some of the non-member residents are increasingly concerned about deteriorating conditions of the Valley Pines golf courses.

I’m becoming an expert in the Homeowner-Failing Golf Course Dilemma happening probably 1,000 times right now around the USA. Write me: outlining your golf course neighborhood’s particular situation (you can even call me direct: 941-739-3990). I will help you with some ways you may be able to begin addressing the issue. Keep in mind that no two failing golf courses are alike, which means the strategy you adopt will likely be unique to your neighborhood. However, you need to form a feasibility committee the moment you even suspect the golf course might be in trouble. Mike Kahn, President, Golfmak, Inc.


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