Golf Headcover Leash with Glove Clip


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Headcover Leash with Glove Clip

Golf Headcover Leash with Glove Clip. Stop looking for that brush or let your glove dry properly and extend its life. You can attach almost any accessory to this Leash and still keep from losing your headcover. Great for putter covers and hybrid covers.

The HCL-MP-GLOVE-LEASH is our new multi-purpose Golf Glove Clip with an Accessory Leash leash that can be used to secure a variety of your
golf accessories including your golf head covers, golf glove, brush, towel, hat and any other accessories. Simply attach the carabineer to your bag and secure your accessories with the additional leash with the strong swivel bull dog clip.

For your golf head cover, the HCL-MP-GLOVE-LEASH with an individual leash works extremely well for any hybrid headcover (3,4,5), wood cover
(1,3,5) or putter cover. With our exclusive Flex Setup TM and Multi-Purpose product designs, you can create multiple golf accessory combinations and
bag locations. Just detach a single or multiple leashes from any of our products and attach to any of our products or bag ring in a
different bag location. It’s that simple and flexible to give you more options for your individual needs and setup.

The HCL-MP-GLOVE-LEASH can be used by any age golfer (JR, Mens, Ladies). No head cover loops are required.