Deteriorating Golf Course Conditions What Can an HOA Do?

The article below needs to me circulated to every Golf Course neighborhood homeowners association (HOA) in the country. Although, no two are alike, I contend that the four stakeholders – Homeowners; Golf Course Owners; Bankers: and the Municipality – need to join forces rather than clinching fists! The writer, Roger, included useful links which support […]

Many people missing out on the health benefits of golf

Spread this post around. Article in the BUSINESS STANDARD India’s leading business daily. Turns out, playing golf is not only good for your mental and physical health, but it may also help one lead a longer life. Amid a growing body of evidence on the health impacts of the sport, the consensus aims to help current and […]

Hats off to the DeKalb Board of Commissioners for Saving its Municipal Golf Course!

HERE’S A WINNER COMMUNITY Members of the DeKalb Board of Commissioners approved an action plan and $1.6 million in funding that will allow for a long-neglected golf course to reopen. The county-owned Sugar Creek Golf Course, located at 2706 Bouldercrest Road in Panthersville, needs an overhaul. The clubhouse, driving range and 18-hole course are closed […]

Reaching out for A Golf Course Business Consultant? Be Sure to Ask These 20-Questions…

Golmak Consulting

Does your golf course business consultant have 100% of the experience you need to get you more than your share of business, return higher margins on all sales while delivering a properly maintained and presented golf course you’ll always be proud of. Does your consultant require the cleanest restrooms, and daily reports every morning that show […]