AB Designs ButtHead Golf Headcovers

AB Designs Butthead Golf Headcovers

Humor is one of the best ways to keep us relaxed and when we are calm, we play better golf. An idea was born on a golf outing when a golfer with appreciation for levity asked what was in a fellow golfer’s bag. “It looks like a turkey’s butt”, he said (it was actually a well-worn reindeer with its antlers hanging low). A few holes later, the idea of Butthead golf headcovers came to life and the planning for AB Designs Butthead Golf Headcovers began.
Why Golf? While it is a truly unique, wonderful game that brings people together in nature for the love of sport, it can also test our patience, so having a sense of humor while on the links is important. ButtHead covers are nothing if not irreverent, and are guaranteed to keep the game relaxed. Buy these fun golf head covers today and express your humorous side!


Some of the AB Designs Butthead Golf Headcovers available include:

  • Donkey butthead golf headcovers
  • Flamingo butthead golf headcovers
  • Dolphin butthead golf headcovers
  • Jaguar butthead golf headcovers
  • Tiger butthead golf headcover
  • And many, many more!

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