Players Unhappy About Disruptive Fans

During the Honda Classic, several players including golf pro Billy Horschel complained about being heckled by rowdy fans on the 17th hole.  While this behavior is not unheard of in the golf world, it is very rare.  Just imagine trying to tee up to a hole with someone yelling negative and hateful things at you. But this disrespectful practice seems to be on the rise in the United States.

Sergio Garcia Was a Target All Week

After missing a short putt, bystanders heckled Sergio Garcia, but it did not stop there.  During the entire tournament, he continued to be a target of displeased fans.  Garcia was quoted as saying this about the incidents, “Imagine if you’re trying to write an article and somebody’s shouting things that aren’t very nice in your ears?” He also made this statement to a Golf Channel reporter, “The Honda Classic is a great tournament. I love the tournament, and I love the golf course. I think it’s an amazing golf course, but it is what it is. Unfortunately, this happens a lot of weeks now in the United States. You have to deal with it the best way possible.”

Alcohol Is Part of The Problem

Many golf pros including Billy Horschel and Sergio Garcia all agree that too much alcohol is part of the problem.  When certain fans are not limited to an amount of alcohol, things can get rowdy fast.  Sadly, no matter how many police officers and officials are placed in the crowds’ someone seems to slip through the cracks.  But if the tournament does not get a handle on this problem, you just might see fewer players on the course.

Fans Should Respect the Players

Golf fans who get carried away should really stop and think before they begin shouting at the golfing pros.  Some suggest that pros may now think twice about joining the Honda Classic and other tournaments that allow this destructive behavior.  This would be a great loss for the sport of golf and for fans alike.