The Benefits Of Using Golf Club Head Covers

Golf fanatics use head covers to protect the heads of their clubs as well as their fragile graphite shafts. Alternatively, golfers can use these head covers to make a statement and express themselves. Some head covers come in practical shapes and designs that may look like a sock or a barrell. Some are knitted, and look retro in style, while others are slim line and clean cut, made out of stretchy material like neoprene. Some fun, flashy head covers can include shape or patterns, animals, or even the golfer’s favorite college team mascot. A lot of people may remember the tiger that Tiger Woods had on many of his golf club head covers during the PGA Tour: Frank the Tiger. This made animal head covers even more popular than ever due to a series of commercials that were released that featured the iconic character on Tiger Woods’ golf club headcovers.

Here a couple of reasons that golfers use headcovers for their clubs

For The Safety Of Their Precious Clubs

Many golf club head covers are designed to protect the heads and shafts of the club from damage that can occur from them banging around in the golf bag. Whether the clubs are being carried around, pulled on a cart, or attached to a power cart, the bags are guaranteed to be banging around in the bag. If your club has a graphite shaft, buy headcovers that feature long socks designed to protect the shaft.

Protecting Different Types Of Clubs

Head covers are usually used for woods — this includes the driver, fairway, and hybrid clubs that may be in your bag. The name of this type of club comes from the fact that they used to be made of wood. This made headcovers necessary to protect the club from damage during a round, and from the elements that they may be exposed to off of the course. Today, nearly all of the “woods” are made of metal that don’t require the same level of protection. Now, woods are often made with graphite shafts that still require protection. Some golfers use rubber or plastic form fitting covers to protect the heads of their irons, but this isn’t as common.

Headcover Styles

When you purchase a driver, or a set of woods, they often come with snug fitting head covers. Many golfers choose to buy headcovers that adds a little personal flavor to their golf bag. Examples of these stylish headcovers may include a sports team’s logo or a golf company’s logo. Many people also buy headcovers that are shaped like animals.

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