How to Properly Store Your Golf Clubs

Golfers across Florida held their breath in anticipation as Hurricane Irma swept through in frenzy. As a state known for its golfing, it isn’t a surprise that the damages to the destination courses hit a little too close to home for some. In light of this storm and the evacuation that preceded it, preparations for Hurricane Irma were on everyone’s mind. One step in the preparation process, however, may have been overlooked. How do you properly store your golf clubs? This is extremely important to those having to leave the state until after the storm hit. While it may be tempting to leave them in the garage where you left them after your last round, properly storing your prized clubs is a step that you can be glad you took!

Cleaning Your Golf Clubs

Before you store your golf clubs, you want to be sure to thoroughly clean them. Clean the club heads and grips as well as wipe down the shafts. Be sure that they are completely dry before putting them back into the golf bag. If not completely dry the clubs can rust. (Check the bag itself that it is clean and dry before situating the clubs.) Make sure your club headcovers are firmly on so those pricey club heads don’t get nicked and scratched.

Temperature Controlled Golf Club Storage

Store your golf clubs in a temperature controlled environment. This does not include the garage or the trunk of your car! Prolonged cold can dry out the grips which can lead to them getting hard or even cracking. If stored somewhere too hot, like a trunk or an attic, the glue under the grip as well as the the epoxy that positions the club head on the shaft can begin to break down. Inside your house is always a safe choice. If you are worried about flooding from a hurricane, you can always find a spot elevated where the water will not be able to reach.