Black and Beige Knit Throwback Design (Singles or Sets) CLICK “DROP DOWN BOX” TO SELECT SIZES AND SET OF 3 OR 4

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The newly designed Throwback collection are offered in a variety of options. (Driver, Fairway Wood, Utility,
Hybrid/Putter) For the golfer that wants to fully equip their bag, we offer sets of 3 or 4 as well.

Driver – Largest of the set fits 460cc drivers. Marked with 3 beige stripes on a black background with pom-pom top.
Fairway Wood
– Smaller version comfortably fits 3 and 5 woods. Marked with 3 beige stripes on a black background with pom-pom top just like the driver.
Utility – Sized to fit all utility clubs including hybrids. Marked with a beige diamond on black background with pom-pom top.
– Sized to fit non-mallet putters. Can also be used for additional hybrid clubs in your bag. Marked with a beige X on black background with pom-pom top.


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