If you are new to the world of golf, you probably don’t understand the ins and outs of the game just yet. There are many different aspects of the sport that you will need to learn before hitting the golf course. One of the most important things to know about golf is learning about the gear. Today we are going to learn about the different types of golf bags and what they are used for.

Five Types of Golf Bags

  1. Stuff bags:

    These golf bags are considered the cream of the crop. Stuff bags are used by the pros while on tour, and you will often see them on TV. The bags are roomy, have lots of space, and are very elegant. But if you don’t have your own personal caddy, these heavy bags can be a chore to lug around.

  2. Cart bags:

    Designed to be carried around on a golf cart, these bags are perfect for storing your clubs in between holes. They have plenty of room and are heavy like stuff bags but are not as luxurious. Cart bags hold up well and are very heavy duty.

  3. Stand bags:

    Stand bags come complete with you guessed it two legs to stand on. These bags will lean to the side allowing for easy access to golf clubs during play. Great for carrying while walking the course, stand bags are much lighter than other types.

  4. Carry bags:

    The ultimate bag for walking the course, they are super lightweight bags and are perfect for those without a caddy. No cart is needed when using these carry bags, and they can be store all the basic stuff you need. Most amateur golfers choose to use carry bags over the other types of bags.

  5. Travel bags:

    These are not designed to be carried on the course but rather used when traveling. Travel bags will fit over other types of golf bags protecting the contents inside. Great for those golfers who fly around to enjoy their favorite sport, travel bags are well worth the investment.

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