Members of the DeKalb Board of Commissioners approved an action plan and $1.6 million in funding that will allow for a long-neglected golf course to reopen.

The county-owned Sugar Creek Golf Course, located at 2706 Bouldercrest Road in Panthersville, needs an overhaul. The clubhouse, driving range and 18-hole course are closed to the public, although the tennis courts on site remained in use.

For the AJC News story, follow this link: DeKalb Board of Commissioners

With (loser) cities all around the country quitting on one of their most positive amenities, their municipal golf courses, it’s refreshing to see a community save its golf course.

Only 2,999 more golf courses to save in the USA.

For information about failing golf courses around the USA go to:

Mike Kahn, President, Golfmak, Inc. Over 60-years in golf. Try calling: 941-739-3990

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