Tiger Woods Postpones His Come Back Yet Again

If you were hoping to see Tiger Woods make his much anticipated come back during the Safeway Open, then you will probably be disappointed by the latest news.  According to one of the greatest golfers that ever lived Woods has decided not to take part in this major golfing event.  When asked why he decided not to play he said this “After a lot of soul searching and honest reflection, I know that I am not yet ready to play on the PGA Tour or compete in Turkey,”.  Sources at NBC Sports have confirmed that that woods have also canceled his trip Turkish Airlines Open which is to take place in November.

Tiger Woods Is Now Ranked 786th In the World

Since Woods has refused to play since August of 2015 it has pushed his rank down the 786th.  This is a shocking number that no one thought would be associated with such an amazing professional golf player.  Its seem Tiger Woods is dealing with something that is preventing him from returning to the top of his game.  But whatever is bothering this world golf champion hopefully he will figure it out before he slips even further behind.

He’s Been Practicing but is Just Not Mentally Ready

In a statement made to Golf Channels Tim Rosaforte Tiger said this about his game “My health is good, and I feel strong, but my game is vulnerable and not where it needs to be. It’s not up to my standards, and I don’t think it would be up to yours.”  It appears that Woods is facing some personal demons as he hits the practice course.  Only Tiger knows what is going on with his game but his withdrawal from the PGA Tour has disappointed golf fans from around the world.

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